Leading Midlands/UK based Injection Moulding 

PJS Mouldings is one of the leading Midlands/UK based injection mould companies that run a 24 hour, 5 day shift pattern. 
Our main moulding area consists of eighteen machines, ranging from 22t to 720t. All machines over 160t are fitted with 3 axis robots. 
All machines have their own ancillary equipment including dryers, hopper loaders and water heaters. 


Our mould shop is capable of moulding almost every available polymer, including materials that contain additives: 
Carbon filled or Glass Filled Nylons 
Glass Filled / Talc filled / 
Unfilled PP 
Master batched additives and self coloured compounds are used to suit customer requirements. 
To avoid functional, dimensional and cosmetic issues, we carry out efficient desiccant or dehumidifying drying where required and regular moisture analysis. 

Moulding Process Quality Control 

PJS Moulding's team of dedicated technicians call upon over 50 years of experience to navigate tolerances as tight as ±0.05mm 
To ensure the form or function of a moulding, we deploy a variety of measurement techniques during production, including dedicated gauges with dial test indicators. This ensures that the finished product complies with your requirements. 
During production, monitored dimensions are entered into our monitoring system, so that they can be reviewed at any later time. 

Production monitoring 

To ensure the production plan is adhered to, and your requirements are met; our monitoring system is linked to all injection mould machines to continuously measure scrap, efficiency and production output. 
With our system available on team computers, laptops, and large screens for all to see on the shop floor, we keep everyone on track, and downtime minimal. 
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